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3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator

Model : 55X-3DM

A striking 3D visualisation of the magnetic field lines that surround a bar magnet and a horseshoe magnet.

Forget the mess and hassle of loose iron filings. This completely self-contained and simple-to-use demonstration set readily shows the magnetic field pattern on all the vertical plates and the spatial distribution of its lines-of-force.

The 3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator comprises a myriad of compass needles mounted on 6 plastic panels that surround the central magnet, either a bar magnet or a horseshoe magnet. One of the plates is removable allowing the interchange of the bar and horseshoe magnet.

Once the central magnet is put in place, the many miniature compasses line up with the magnetic field allowing visualisation of the lines of force of the central magnet on different planes at various angles to each other.


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