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High Precision Decade Resistance Box

Model : 55X-DRB


“RAI” MODEL:-55X-DRB High Precision Decade Resistance Box has been designed and manufactured for simulate precision resistance and use as calibration standard. This Decade Resistance Box can serve wide range of application i.e. Precision Resistance Calibration Standards in components manufacturing industries, components comparisons in quality control, instrumentation laboratories for calibration of process control instruments, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temperature indicators in engineering laboratories for resistance simulation and instrument calibration. For high accuracy, stability and reliability requirements, the Manganin wires have been used to construct resistors. Further the gold plated switches have been employed in the best grade of Decade Resistance Box to provide very low contact resistance with drift-free values. The economical models carry silver plated phosphors bronze switches with silver plating providing drift-free values.


Types                       : Silver or Gold plated Switches and Terminals.

Construction             : Portable in metallic cabinet.

Function                   : Calibration Resistance Standard.

Resistance Range     : 0.001 Ohm to 100 k Ohm in eight decades

Switch Resistance     : 0.002 ohm per switch.


Accuracy and Related Parameters:-

You can choose any range of decade dial.

  • Precision Model having best accuracy of ±0.01%
  • Standard Model having best accurcy of ±0.05%
  • Economical model having best accurcy of ±0.1%

“RAI” offer our customers customized Decade Resistance Box also as per customers’ resistance Values and accuracies


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