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High Precision Decade Megohm Box

Model : 55X-DMB


“RAI” MODEL:-55X-DMB Decade Megohm Box has been designed for the Testing and calibration of insulation testers at voltages of up to 5000V DC, the MODEL:-55X-DMB high resistance decade boxes provides up to 8 decades. These decade resistance boxes are housed in Pelican (USA) Black Color portable box with carrying handles to provide an ideal solution to on-site and laboratory calibration of high resistance insulation testers, Meggers, Insulation Bridges, Megohm Meters, Digital Meters and components comparison. The resistance range is offered from 100K ohm to 10 Teraohm distributed over Eight Decades.


Excellent reproducibility for efficient calibration
Good engineering characteristics
Pelican(USA) Black Color  portable box with carrying handles.
Resistance calibration standards
Smooth & Rugged switches
Very high grade resistors employed.
Hermetically sealed

Specification, Accuracy & Related Parameters:-
You can choose any range of decade dial.



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