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DC-AC Shunts

Model : 55X-DS

Description :-

“RAI” Oil & Air Cooled DC Shunt Model:- 55X-DS covers a wide range of current from 1.5 ampere to 5000 Ampere. The shunts are constructed from high grade manganin. The manganin strips are mounted on all the current terminals with the help of high quality silver brazing solder wire. The entire DC Shunt is mounted on a strong base and whenever required is fitted with a protecting cover to enable the convection currents to keep the DC Shunt cooled to the ambient temperature.


For Charging & discharging the batteries.
Measurement of precise current
For use as current flow source at selected resistance.


Well-aged, heat treated and insulated manganin strips.
High accuracy between +/- 0.05% to +/- 1.0% (depending upon the value of current).
Air-cooled self-regulated shunts.



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