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Alpha Helix Molecular Structure

Model : 55X-Alpha

 alpha helix is the  secondary structure of proteins. It is the right handed alpha helix structure. Multiple amino acid makes alpha helix. Every  two 1/3 part of  amino acid  ( one 1/3 part in beginning and second 1/3 part in end of every 3.6 helical structure)  & 3 complete amino acid makes 3.6helix structure which is the most important conformation in alpha helix   . The name 3.613-helix is also used for this type of helix, denoting the average number of residues per helical turn, with 13 atoms being involved in the ring formed    by the hydrogen bond in which Blue color denotes nitrogen atom ,      red = oxygen atom  , black = carbon atom , white= hydrogen  atom  and green =  side chain . and long white & black bond represent bonding between oxygen and hydrogen atom after every 3.6 helical turn is completed.


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