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C-60 Molecular Structure(Bucky Ball)

Model : 55X-C60

Fullerenes consist of 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal rings as the basis of an symmetry closed cage structure. Each carbon atom is bonded to three others and is sp2 hybridised. The C60 molecule has two bond lengths - the 6:6 ring bonds can be considered "double bonds" and are shorter than the 6:5 bonds.C60   tends to avoid double bonds in the pentagonal rings, resulting in poor electron delocalisation. As a result, C60 behaves like an electron deficient alkene, and reacts readily with electron rich infinite number of fullerenes can exist, their structure based on pentagonal and hexagonal rings, constructed according to rules for making icosahedra.

Black color represent carbon atom and white represents bonds In between carbon atoms.


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