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Model : 55X-DIA

The crystal structure of a diamond is a face-centered cubic or FCC lattice. Each carbon atom joins four other carbon atoms in regular triangular prisms. Based on the cubic form and its highly symmetrical arrangement of atoms, diamond crystals can develop into several different shapes, known as 'crystal habits'. The most common crystal habit is the eight-sided octahedron or diamond shape. Diamond crystals can also form cubes, dodecahedra, and combinations of these shapes. Except for two shape classes, these structures are manifestations of the cubic crystal system. Real diamond crystals don't have completely smooth faces but may have raised or indented triangular growths called 'trigons'. Diamonds have perfect cleavage in four different directions, meaning a diamond will separate neatly along these directions rather than break in a rough manner. Black color represent carbon atom and white represents bonds In between carbon atoms.


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