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Graphite Atomic Molecular Structure

Model : 55X-GRAP

In graphite each carbon atom is covalently bonded to three carbon atoms to give trigonal geometry. Bond angle in graphite is 120?C. Each carbon atom in graphite is sp2 hybridized. Three out of four electrons of each carbon atom are used in bond formation with three other carbon atoms while the fourth electron is free to move in the structure of graphite.

Basic trigonal units unite together to give basic hexagonal ring. In graphite these rings form flat layers. These layers are arranged in parallel, one above the other. These layers are apart and are held together by weak  forces only. These layers can slide over one another. Thus it is very soft. Fourth electron of each carbon atom forms  delocalized p-bonds which spreads uniformly over all carbon atoms. Black color ball represent carbon atom and white color shows bonding between carbon atom.

Black color represent carbon atom and white represents bonds In between carbon atoms.


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