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Precision DC Potentiometer

Model : 55X-DCP


The “RAI” Precision DC Potentiometer Model:- 55X-DCP has been designed to provide the highest standards of accuracy over a period of many years without any maintenance,. The most outstanding contribution to the development of potential meters in recent years resulted from the introduction of the unique Low Resistance Precision instrument switch, used throughout the Precision DC Potentiometer.
This switch was developed after several years of research into the fundamental factors affecting contact resistance. The stationary contacts are silver clad copper bars, mounted in a robust insulating frame. The brush, which is composed of several contact springs, each of which is independent of the others and is unrestricted in its movement, makes a bridge contact between adjacent bars in a symmetrical manner. As a result, low and consistent contact resistance is achieved without high contact pressure or mechanical wear. After a life test of some 20,000 operations, the switch was still mechanically sound and its stability had actually improved in the narrow range specified. The over all switch resistance is approximately 0.001 Ohm and the variation of contact resistance is less than ± 0.0001 ohm.


1.    Accurate measurement of potential, current and resistance.
2.    Highest quality manganin wire well-aged standards.
3.    High stepwise resolution of 2 microvolt at the last range switches setting.
4.    Excellent Accuracy of ± 0.02% to +/- 0.05%.
5.    Impeccable craftsmanship in construction, rigorous testing and simplicity of operation
6.    Hard silver plated, self-cleaning switches with minimum contact resistance errors


Range of Measurement: 0 to 1.8 volt.
Range       1st Switch    in steps of     Slide Wire         Least Count
   X1           0 to 1.7 V     0.1 V            0 to 0.1 V            0.0002    
   X0.1        0 to 1.7 V     0.01 V           0 to 0.01 V          0.00002
Range                        Range Switch Setting
0 to 1.8 V                       X1
0 to 0.18 V                     X 0.1       

 Smallest reading with multiplier of 0.1     0.00002 Volt
Resistance                                            11 ohm per Volt

100mv to 1.8V      ± 0.02%    or ±1 slide wire division whichever is greater on all the two ranges.
Up to 99mv          ± 0.05%    


Following accessories are required with the potentiometer as support accessories to complete the measurement system. The potentiometers become the complete measurement system in conjunction with the following accessories:-
1.    Spot Galvanometer
2.    Volt Ratio Box
3.    2 Volt Accumulator
4.    Analogue Galvanometer with selector switch for protection of Spot Reflecting Galvanometer.
5.    Electronic Standard Cell    



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